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Which Witch

by Peach Kelli Pop

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Which Witch will come out April 21st, 2018 as a special Record Store Day release. Pressed on two colors, Summer sun yellow and candy red swirl vinyl, the release is limited to 500 copies available only via independent record stores and direct from the band.

Which Witch is akin to the Red Cross’ Posh Boy EP - both have 6 songs, each close to a minute long. All 4 members of Peach Kelli Pop are outspoken Redd Kross fans; which comes as no surprise: the band is named after a Redd Kross song. Hanlon, originally a drummer (most notably from the White Wires), plays unadorned, archetypal punk drums, layers them with fuzzy, at times warbling guitars, elaborate basslines, and layers of fervent vocals.


released April 21, 2018

Recorded and Mixed by Allie Hanlon
Mastered by Jesse Gander


all rights reserved



Peach Kelli Pop Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Pitch Black
Decompress, finally rest

So stressed, just take a breathe

Rethink, re-evaluate

Was this all a mistake

Do I fit in, who can I trust

I’ve got an aching feeling in my gut

Compromise, until you cry

I'm so tired, but I still try
Track Name: Shine
Swollen and bruised,

Angry and used

Scattered Tattoos,

Always bad news

Chaos and stress

A big fuckin’ mess

Out in the pouring rain

I hope to see you shine again

I can’t be your friend,

Until you’re well again

And when the stars align,

The world will see you shine

Track Name: Rocky Mountains
In the mountains, I climb

Lost track of day and time

Carry on, don’t slow down

As your knees sink to the ground

Am I lost, do I even care,

Breathin’ in the arctic air

It’s hard to see, the snows so bright

Fingers are numb and turning white

Rocky Mountains, Ou-ou-ou
Rocky Mountains, Ou-ou-ou

Track Name: Los Angeles
Wanted to leave so bad, 

And never look back,

Wanted something new, 

Find out what was true

Now I’m stumbling in this big place,

A never ending race.

I don’t wanna compete, I’ll never be elite

You can do whatever you want,

But you’re all alone

And the whole world awaits you
But maybe you should just go home

Track Name: Crooked & Crazy
I’m so alone so I scavenge and roam

I’m so alone I don’t wanna stay home

Trying to find my way, and how I can downplay 

That I’m depressed and the depth of my loneliness
Look in the mirror, I hate what I see

My reality crooked & crazy

Look in the mirror, I hate what I see

My reality crooked & crazy

Trying to call out to anyone who will listen

But I’m sick of my voice so I turn on the white noise

My pride weighs me down and I need to let go,

Of what’s left of my bruised ego

Look in the mirror, I hate what I see

My reality crooked and crazy

Look in the mirror, I hate what I see

My reality crooked & crazy
Track Name: Drug Store's Symbol of Happiness
When I saw you, I knew it was real

I never knew this is how it would feel

To know in my heart, and feel in my bones
I’d nearly given up and turned to stone

When you spoke, I was suddenly awake

I no longer needed the pills that I’d take

My spirit was free, my mind was clear
I could finally see myself in the mirror

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